This masterclass will change how you think about yourself, men, dating and life 
- and open the door to a soulmate ready for kids.
Free the Feminine, Find a Soulmate
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LIVE with Dr. Klara Adalena - Wednesday,
September 25th

@ 5pm Amsterdam time (4pm London, 11am Eastern)
What You Will Find On This LIVE Webinar:
Love Is Closer Than You Think
Attention Successful Career Women love is closer than you think. Stop controlling, come out of your mind, discover the power of the feminine and attract a soulmate like magic.
Men are coming more into their hearts, so why is it that in 6 months only 3% of single women over 35 find a partner? This can change!

The future is open, freeing your feminine creates this bubbly fulfilling energy, every moment is meaningful and you feel you belong. The empty place in your belly is no more, the seeking ends, and every day you awake with joy and an inner glow.

I want this for you too, and the best news: it attracts men like magic. They feel it, even on a dating app. Love is closer when you're living your feminine.
What Works Now Is Radically Different
The sad fact is that most successful, impactful women are struggling to attract the kind of man that fits their busy lifestyle and also their dream of starting a family.

 There's a lot of amazing women that aren't being as happy and supported as they can, because they don't know how to attract the men that are looking for them.
How is that possible with more dating apps and heart centered men around than ever before? Because all these options are a great thing... but, also overwhelming and confusing.

Should you play cool? Be sexy? Lean back? Text more? Less?

The choices are endless, and unfortunately not many have figured out that what works now, is radically different from what everybody thinks.
Ignore Existing Dating Strategies
Right now, a group of confident women are ignoring the most common "dating strategies" everyone else is using and instead freeing their feminine and using a super simple strategy that creates instant presence and connection. And by doing that, they find a true soulmate within weeks or months.
This method is working whatever your body size, level of fitness, eye color, sense of humor..

In this masterclass you are going to radically shift your perspective on dating, men and yourself.

Click below to join this free inspiring masterclass. You will receive a meditation, AHA moments and I promise you, afterwards you'll see yourself, the feminine, men and dating in a whole new way. 
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Dr. Klara Adalena, the Lifestyle and Love Mentor who is rocking Europe and getting successful smart conscious women to free the feminine, live in abundance & find a soulmate ready for committed love & kids.

"How we view dating is wrong from the start. It starts with you, or rather with the generations of women before you. The issue is not your man doesn't exist, the issue is you're hiding your feminine from yourself and him." © 2019. All Rights Reserved
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