5 Steps To Stop Sacrificing Your Life For Your Mission  
- And Have More Impact, Fun & Revenue
  • All the benefits of high ticket
  • ​More Freedom
  • More Scalability
  • ​No enrollment calls
  • ​No enrollment team
High Ticket Without Doing A Single Enrollment Call
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LIVE with Dr. Klara Adalena - Monday,
October 14

@ 10am Amsterdam time (9am London)
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What You Will Find On This Live Training:
  • my story of how on the outside I was great giving an amazing Priestess training program - but in reality working nonstop, sacrificing my life, my family, my sanity, every moment of every day 
  • ​the fateful day that changed everything, and what led up to me making the most crazy decision of my life
  • ​how I run now an impactful high ticket coaching business, changing more lives, receiving more gratitude, yet having ample time and funds to go on off the beaten track vacations and take up bicycling and SUP'ing again.
  • uncovering the lie that keeps us stuck even when we know it's a lie, until the years blur together and we can't believe how much of life has passed by
  • tunnel vision and how we see it in others but not in ourselves
  • ​the 1 telltale sign we are BS'ing ourselves and telling ourselves there are no other options when actually there always are
  • ​an amazing opportunity for 2 badass mission driven brilliant coaches to work with me and break free from the cycle before New Year 
  • ​high ticket is not for everyone, the 4 traits you absolutely need 
The Why
High Ticket : The #1 Business Model for Coaches
The coaching industry is booming at $190 billion a year and expecting $320 billion in 2025, and high ticket is the holy grail of online coaching.

High Ticket means asking an investment level of 3k+, typically 5k - 15k.

The funnel for high ticket can be very simple: ad -> webinar -> enrollment call -> client, and the ROAD (Return On Ad Spend) an amazing 5 - 10..

This means coaches don't need to settle anymore, you can reach and enroll ideal clients in abundance without a lot of tech. 

The profit margins are unheard of in any industry, and there is no hassle with brick and mortar, sending off packages or anything like that. 

When combined with a structuring of your coaching in outcome oriented 8 week group programs, you're no longer tied to the paid-by-hour and you have amazing freedom, income and impact.

The ideal business model?

The Energy Draining Drawback
I felt super excited and lucky when my high ticket program started to roll, and making 500k in 2018 was a bucketlist experience. 

It hadn't been easy for me to enroll cold traffic (prospects who hadn't heard of me before), but when I invested in a second mentoring program I made it and I felt like heaven on earth would start now.

Enrolling still took a lot of time but I trusted I would learn, like I learned everything else in my life. 

However, over the course of 18 months I realized my enrollment rate was still what it was in the beginning: 11%. I would have leaps of enrolling 3 or 4 a week, but would always relapse back - to my own frustration.

Spending all my time and energy on these calls started to feel like a dead end, and my joy in the calls faded. I had to say no to so many friends and opportunities, which had not been a problem the first 6 months but now started to eat at me.

Something needed to happen.

Freedom, Scalability & The Next Level
In the masterclass I will pull back the curtain on what I am doing now: high ticket without enrollment calls.

My mentors and internet all agree that it's impossible to enroll without an enrollment call once the offer is above 2k. But hey, a mission impossible challenges me and when I found some clues as how to do it, I made my first 9k within 48 hours without doing an enrollment call.

Since then I have made 100k in 4 months without doing a single enrollment call, and I will show exactly:

 * how my funnel is set up
* how many hours a week this saves me
* why this is so scalable
* the hidden traps and secrets to this funnel
*for who is this (and for who not)
* the fastest safest way to set this up in your company

High Ticket without enrollment calls means your bizz is incredibly profitable and scalable and gives lots of freedom, are you in?

Top Income & Impact with Freedom and Scalability
** Limited Seats **
Dr. Klara Adalena, the Lifestyle, Love & Business Mentor who is rocking Europe, creating crazy outcomes in her programs and always showing new opportunities.

"I'm a pioneer by nature and a scientist at heart, and when i do something new I want to understand it through and through. I knew there was a next level of high ticket possible, and am stoked at the freedom and scalability this gives in my life and bizz - and in yours." © 2019. All Rights Reserved
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