3 Tips Smart Successful Women Use To Wake Up To What A Dating App Can Do To Land A Soulmate Ready For Commitment & Kids
Being challenged in dating is worldwide for high achievers - here's how to break free and shift into real love 
Move out of confusion and make dating work for you...

LIVE with Dr. Klara Adalena - Tuesday, May 14th

@ 6:00PM Amsterdam (5pm London)
What You Will Learn On This LIVE Webinar:
Step 1:  What Smart Successful Women Need To Know About Dating Apps
A dating app can do way more for you. Here's what nobody is telling you & what makes my clients in high profile careers go from 0 good dates in 3 years to finding a soulmate in 3 weeks.
Step 2: The One Thing About Dating For Strong Conscious Women Everyone Misses
Being challenged in dating for high achievers is worldwide - it's not you. Simply by being you, you overturn old perceptions - and here's the missing key that makes it all come together.
Step 3: Why Dating Now Is Totally Different From 10 Years Ago
Men have changed, women have changed, and dynamics between us are like new. Get this right, and a soulmate is closer than you think. Receive the love, joy and commitment that's waiting.
This FREE Training is Live and Has Limited Seats - so Act Now!
Dr. Klara Adalena , Europe's Top Lifestyle and Love Mentor has developed the gamechanging Unleash & Attract Dating Plan for smart, conscious successful women. Klara: "once I realized how deeply moved and happy my clients are to start attracting great men, everything changed for me. I knew I had to bring this to a million women". Klara's vision is that EVERYONE should have a dating mentor, as there's essential life skills we ONLY learn in dating. Like every committed CEO has a business mentor, so everyone committed to creating a top level relationship will have a dating mentor. 
"This is the most powerful magical transformation ever. I heard Klara say that I could find a partner in less than 6 dates, but actually experiencing it myself is a whole other thing. The level of connection, authenticity, raw truth I have with my new love is way beyond what I ever had before." M, Berlin.
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