What Women Who Found A Soulmate Know...
(that other women don't)



I'm going to show you

  • How my adventurous, confident and successful clients have attracted a warm, connected, fulfilling relationship - even if dating never worked before
  • How my clients went from disconnection and loneliness - to being team mates and experiencing true love with a soulmate - even after they'd already tried EVERYTHING
  • The strategies my clients use to become valued, appreciated, loved up and prioritised every day - even when partners wouldn't commit before
  • ​The one thing that is never spoken about that my clients use to know NOW whether he will still be great LATER - so you can feel 100% secure the relationship will add to your life now and in the future
  • ​How my clients attract men who are truly excited about kids and family like them - and never again experience a man they've come to love "changed his mind"
  • ​The proven system my clients use to start calling in their soulmate not within years - but within weeks or months - because life is too precious to waste one more minute being unhappy and unfulfilled

This is for successful, busy women who are amazing at everything they do - except dating. For confident, adventurous women who refuse to settle and want the best - also in love. This is for powerful amazing women who want love, family and kids to make their exciting lives complete, who see time is running out and are choosing to learn from women just like them who cracked the code.

FREE masterclass for confident, successful and adventurous women
with Dr. Klara Adalena 

Dr. Klara Adalena is a dating, love and lifestyle expert to successful, confident and adventurous women and founder of the Love for Life Academy. She runs the successful "Unleash& Attract" program that helps powerful, busy women marry a truly inspiring man and leave the years of waiting behind. Klara is one of the most qualified people in the world to be helping you land an amazing partner and build an equally amazing marriage. She has worked with successful women for over 30 years to free our feminine power, and is trained as a relationship expert at the Relationship Studio te Gent. 

In 2017 Klara decided to focus on dating and since she has helped over 100 women attract a great man and shift into committed relationship and marriage. Klara is working on her TED talk to bring her unique method to a million women. "Dating should be weeks or months, and it should be the most magical time of your life."

"Before I met Klara, my dating was a disaster. After my last breakup it took me months to recover, and though I was showing up on the dating app and dates, it felt like a 2nd job. I felt unvalued, unseen and unappreciated. I had tried everything, coaching, retreats on dating, and I had honestly almost lost all hope ... but then I came across Klara and it felt like she was doing something different, and I was sooo right. Within a matter of weeks she had completely transformed me and my dating and changed the trajectory of my life. I still can't believe it. My partner and I are now a year together, he's my soulmate, beloved and friend, and this week he proposed to me! I am forever grateful for Klara's support, wisdom, and love." -- Cecilia

   WARNING: Space is limited and these masterclasses fill up quickly because not only are they FREE, but they transform lives starting TODAY. 
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