The dating world is changing, we are more free, men are more in their hearts 
The 3 Shifts To Attract A Soulmate & Find Love & Kids - Your Way
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What You Will Learn On This LIVE Webinar:
Dare To Be Vulnerable
What I mean with being vulnerable is not sharing your drama LOL. But going for your dream and opening up to love always goes hand in hand with being vulnerable. Showing yourself and your truth. Standing for what you believe in and opening your heart. Taking the risks of rejection, criticism, being laughed at. Vulnerable, yes, but also incredibly powerful. Men feel you can receive them and you start receiving.
Learn to Tune In & Create Flow
From your mind you can only create more of the same. Nothing new, nothing exciting. Men - just like you- are craving something else. Raw, real. Original, sacred. And yes, feminine. 
It's all inside of you, and you reach that layer when you go beyond your ego and allow the flow from earth, womb and your divine feminine. Live life to the max, are you in?
How To Reach Your Soulmate
This time offers chances to find your soulmate like never before. To not delay, not settle but go now for the man who truly meets you heart, mind, body and soul. A man who is in his heart and cares about you, your message and the ripple you create. Who is standing next to you. Details on my worldclass program. It's possible within no time with my plan and support, insights and strategies.
decide | get a plan & support | make it happen 
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Dr. Klara Adalena, the Lifestyle and Love Mentor who is rocking Europe and getting high level successful & conscious women to step up, find a soulmate and show the world success and love do go together.
"The way we view dating is wrong from the start. It is a Quest, a sacred journey that will let you develop the exact qualities you need to live your dream life. The issue is not your man doesn't exist, the issue is you're hiding from yourself and him." © 2019. All Rights Reserved
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